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Technology for Producing Biomethane and Recovering CO2

Biomethane: A Versatile Fuel and Energy Source Assuring a reliable supply of energy, sustainable transport and effective climate protection: all these global goals can be furthered by using biomethane as a fuel and energy source.

Biomethane has many benefits. It can be used to generate electricity and heat in combined heat and power (CHP) plants or decentralised cogeneration units. Biomethane is also used as CBG or LBG (compressed or liquefied biomethane gas) as a substitute for natural gas to fuel gas-powered vehicles.

Because it’s of natural gas quality, biomethane can be transported and stored in the existing gas grid infrastructure, meaning that it doesn’t have to be produced and used in the same place. In contrast to fossil fuels and other renewable types of energy, biomethane is also permanently available and can easily be produced in the required quantities.

This makes biomethane an ideal supplement to sustainable energy concepts and a valuable means of achieving global climate protection targets, especially in the transport sector.

HZI Scheme

We Offer

  • Biogas plants, wet and dry fermentation
  • Treatment of biogas to biomethane by various technologies
  • Technologies for the production of liquefied bioLNG
  • Liquid bioCO2 production technology
  • Synthetic methane production technology, by biological and thermochemical methods
  • Hydrogen production technology


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Biogas News
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Activated Carbon

Activated carbon for biogas desulphurization.

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