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Fermentation stabilization

What will we provide you with?

  • stable decomposition of biomass without acidification
  • lower viscosity and trouble-free stirring
  • we will enable you to use a wide range of substrates
  • we will increase your profits

Stable fermentation

High organic load and high productivity of microorganisms in a biogas plant also brings the need for sufficient and balanced supply of trace elements. Micronutrients insufficiency is a common process disruption in biogas plants. We ensure the sufficient and balanced supply of trace elements with proven formula of mineral nutrition.

  • increased cellular activity and growth rate of microorganisms
  • lower fatty acids concentration
  • stabilised FOS/TAC ratio
  • minimizing the risk of acidification

Low viscosity and trouble-free stirring

Increasing viscosity is a common problem while using a variety of substrates. It significantly affects the stirring and hence the actual consumption of electricity in the BGS operation. In cooperation with the world’s largest enzyme manufacturers, we offer special enzyme mixtures developed for the effective decomposition of different types of plant biomass under anaerobic conditions in biogas plant fermenters.

  • measurable decrease of digestate viscosity
  • decrease of power consumption of the stirrers
  • decreased timing of stirring cycles
  • decrease of your own electricity consumption that you can supply to the network

Solution of acute conditions in the case of stirring failure

The failure of stirring mechanism is a common problem when operating a biogas plant which very quickly leads to uneven densification of the digestate and eventually to the formation of various crusts.

  • quick decrease of viscosity of digestate as a response to single application of hydrolytic preparates
  • effective in all the cases when at least one functional stirrer in the fermenter has left
  • functional even in the case of an accident, when only hydraulic mixing remains in operation, for example by means of the main pump


Using a wide range of substrates

  • EnergoZyme® A1 patented combination of hydrolytic enzymes, specially developed for the processing of biomass of the family Poaceae
    • Whole Crop Cereal Silages (WCCS)
    • Corn Silage
    • Grass silage 
    EnergoZyme® MAXX concentrated version of A1, suitable for dissolving crusts and other applications with high instantaneous consumption 
  • EnergoZyme® W1 patented combination of hydrolytic enzymes, specially developed for the decomposition of microbial biomass of sewage sludge
  • Other preparates and mixtures tailored to the current problem.

Everything under one roof

Within the process optimization, our clients are provided with complex monitoring and control of the process of anaerobic digestion of biogas plants and WWTPs. The related service ensures all the needs, including fully automatic dosing systems for all of the above mentioned preparations. Of course all of the related technical advice is offered by our company as well.


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