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More Manure, Less Silage

„More manure, less silage“ is a new concept which brings the possibility to significantly increase the efficacy of manure and slurry digestion and thereafter to decrease the amount of silages in the substrate mix of the biogas plant.

The concept is based on EnergoZyme® A1, which is a new generation of biogas enzymes. The preparate has a peak activity in the pH range 7.0 – 8.5 relevant for biogas plants and thus optimal efficacy. In addition EnergoZyme® A1 offers an extraordinary temperature tolerance > 60 °C so it is also suitable for thermophilic conditions. These parameters are underlined with uncompromising stability under anaerobic conditions.

The composition of the preparate aims to deepen the decomposition of beef manure and slurry. The preparate is optimized to decompose both liquid part as well as the fibres. Deepening the decomposition of the liquid fraction is very rapid so the substrate dose is reduced within 1 week from start of the application.

  • Savings of substrates (silages) significantly outweigh the costs
  • 65-85 ha of arable land saved per 1,0 MW
    • Lower pressure on crop rotation
    • alternative market production = other earnings
    • calculation for the estimated yield of silage 35-45 tonnes per 1 ha
  • Decrease of Organic Load Rate
  • Decrease of digestate production
  • Open area for further savings ...


Selected Reference

BGP Dolni Mesto

EnergoZyme® A1 has reduced the consumption of silage substrates by 2,900 tonnes per year. At the same time, it enabled to increase the amount of straw manure by 700 tonnes per year. All with a full and stable performance of the biogas station.

  • BGS 1,0 MW
  • Primary fermenter 2 × 1,400 m3
  • Secondary fermenter 1 × 2,090 m3, tertiary fermenter 1 × 2,090 m3

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