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Efficient Substrate Utilization


Our EnergoZyme enzymatic products hydrolyse plant cellulose and hemicellulose into a form immediately available to biogas-producing microorganisms.

How does it work?


What do you get with EnergoZyme?

Savings on input substrates

EnergoZyme deepens the overall decomposition of the input substrates and thus increases their utilisation rate for biogas production. Higher decomposition rate = more biogas.

More cheap substrates, less corn

EnergyZyme allows you to elegantly increase the proportion of cereal GPS, grass haylage, straw and straw manure in the substrate mix while keeping the station output constant and operation stable. Get the freedom to choose your substrate!

Less pressure on the seeding process

EnergoZyme offers a change of input substrate ratio to take advantage of growing cereals and haylage in locations unsuitable for growing maize.

Energy savings

EnergoZyme saves electricity. The high homogeneity of the fermentate when using EnergoZyme products results in a reduction of technological electricity consumption (mixing, pumping, etc.).

Lower amount of fermentation residue

EnergoZyme breaks down and liquefies the biomass. Your bacteria will then convert it into biogas more quickly. What goes into the biogas does not stay in the digestate.

No more layer separations

EnergyZyme thoroughly homogenizes the contents of the digesters, thus preventing layer separation, typically haylage in a thin digestate.

Crusts removal

EnergyZyme quickly and efficiently breaks down crusts. EnergoZyme actively prevents the formation of new crusts in the digesters and in the final digestate storage.

Increased profitability and stability of biogas plant operations

EnergoZyme ensures long-term operation of the digester under higher loads. Once the biogas plant is built, use it to the maximum!

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