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Process Analyses & Monitoring

Classical Chemical Analysis

Our clients are offered and supplied with analytical services for anaerobic digestion operations (esp. for biogas plants); key points in this field are as follows:

  • biological and chemical monitoring of the process
  • unrepeated analyses
  • regular analyses
  • interpretation of analytical results
  • preparation of survey reports
  • operational recommendations
  • modification of optimal raw material composition
  • recommendations as to how possible undesirable states could be resolved
  • evaluation of operational efficiency

Real-time Chemical Analysis

NovaEnergo is an authorised supplier of TENIRS and TRISTAN digital analytical instruments designed for continuous on-line chemical analysis. These analytical instruments meet the strictest standards for industrial management and control systems.

The substrate analysis using NIRS (near infrared spectroscopy) has been developed and it is a scientifically satisfactory method that can monitor to a large extent all relevant processes and can provide the results necessary for monitoring and control of processes in the biogas plant.

To ensure the reliable and efficient operation of a biogas plant, the several-day interval between sampling and the analytical result presentation cannot be accepted. Requirement for the modern techniques of process management can be met only by continuous real-time analysis which is specific by the following properties:

  • continuous in-situ real-time analysis
  • no sampling (under common operation)
  • operation with simple maintenance and without wear
  • extensive control of material flow instead of grab sampling

For this purpose permanently integrated equipment for the performance of real-time NIRS analysis in the biogas plant is needed. The well-proven technology of NIRS is provided by the laboratory directly into the biogas plant. The fully functioning laboratory is then automated and minimised so that it can be integrated in the biogas plant and controlled without special knowledge of chemistry and physics.

The measuring system itself consists of the following components:

  • measuring head
  • central unit
  • reference database

Selected references here

More information

Digital TRISTAN Niron analytical spectrometer (in Czech, pdf, 210 kB)

The technique of real-time analysis for the control of biogas plants (in Czech, pdf, 449 kB)

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