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Consultancy Services

Our clients are offered with complex technical advice related to preparation of projects, construction and operation of biogas plants (BGP). Every single project of the customer is unique for us. The specifics of your investment goals and projects are always maximally exploited.

  • preliminary consultation, audit of raw material sources
  • technological computations and expert opinions
  • production of biogas using technology of anaerobic digestion
    • biogas utilization for cogeneration of heat and power (CHP)
    • biogas utilization for cogeneration of cool, heat and power (CCHP)
    • local biogas distribution networks
    • production and use of biogas
    • bio-CNG/LNG in automobile transport
  • feasibility studies, business goals
  • financial consultancy, subsidies
  • consultancy for the choice of the best technology
    • expert opinions and opponencies of technical solutions
    • complex assessments of offers from suppliers of technologies

Who uses our services?

  • financial investors
  • biowaste processors
  • agricultural entrepreneurs

If you have any interest in any of our services please contact us. We will send you the price calculation for your project by e-mail or fax.

Selected reference

Farma Stonava

"Since 2009 NovaEnergo has been used for consultancy services and technical advice for our biogas plant, fermentation process etc. The choice of the types of technologies during the enlargement and general reconstruction of our existing Biogas plant in Stonava to the final output power of 1.4 MW was among the most important consultation points."

Ing. Radek Koch, owner

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Biogas News
New product: Axiase 100

New enzyme product, Axiase 100 is now available for customers in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon for biogas desulphurization.

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